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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a New Year, but what about those OLD reading challenges?! How'd I do?

Enthusiastically I signed up for 7 Reading Challenges! Reading challenges are ways to motivate you to read more, to read different kinds of books you usually don't, to read genres you just don't read enough of. So, how did I do with my reading challenges?... Not so bad...

First, I signed up for The Southern Reading Challenge 2014 hosted by Jennifer of The Introverted Reader, with 2 books to read that place take somewhere in the South. I read Palmetto Moon by Kim Boykin, which I enjoyed so much!And I read Ruby by Cynthia Bond, which was a hard, but ultimately a satisfying read.

Next, was the Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2014 hosted by Anne from Creativity's Corner and Kristilyn from Reading in Winter, with a bingo card full of books and the only requirement was to make one bingo, which I did and then went to complete 1 more bingo! My first bingo was 5 different genres (fantasy, graphic novel, historical fiction, mystery and romance), my second was reading  15 books in a series, which I did reading the graphic novels in Battle Royale. I missed completing the New Releases Bingo by 3 books ( I needed to read 15, but only read 12) and I missed the TBR Bingo all together (still finding it hard to grab a TBR pile book when all these new books somehow find their way into the house!) BUT, a total of 33 books read for this challenge!

Next, The 2014 Chunkster Challenge hosted by Vasilly of 1330v Thoughts of an Eclectic Reader. I love fat books and that's what this challenge was all about. There were no "requirements" other than to have fun and read big books! I read 3 Chunky books for a total of 1370 pages!

Next, The Graphic Novel Reading Challenge 2014 hosted by Nicola of It's All Comic to Me. I have come to love graphic novels, but not all the different kinds. I love graphic novels that have beautiful artwork, have hand drawn lettering, and are not simply super heroes saving the city. I challenged myself to read 12 and surpassed that to actually read 28!

Next, The 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Evie at Bookish. Hmmm, I guess there's a reason I have a TBR pile still... maybe this year?!

Next. The Dive into Poetry Reading Challenge  hosted by Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit I challenged myself to read 2 books of poetry. I completed one and enjoyed poems from many more, so even though I did not reach my goal "technically" by completing 2 books, I actually read many more poems than 2 books would have had.

Next, The Dystopian Reading Challenge 2014 hosted by Ula of Blog of Erised. I love dystopian, and read the complete 15 books in the series Battle Royale. My challenge was to read 1 - 6, so I finished up pretty good there.

And lastly... The Goodreads Reading Challenge, which I set a goal of reading 50 books. I missed that by a little, reading a total of 44 books this year, which in my book (no pun intended) is pretty good!

So, that's how my reading challenge year went... How about you?! Did you set any goals? How many books did you read last year?

This year, the only challenge I've signed up for so far is the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I've been reading some great books and have just sat back and enjoyed them without thinking about "where they'd fit it". But I love challenges and am going to see if I can reach that 50 book mark this year and maybe sign up for another challenge or two... ;-)

Happy reading... Suzanne


Anonymous said...

RE: Southern reading challenge...
Ruby by Cynthia did it!

Suzanne Yester said...

OMG, you're right! Thanks for reminding me, "Anonymous"!

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