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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haru... A Review

"And then there was the day when Addie Moore made a call on Louis Waters."

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf, is the bittersweet love story of Addie and Louis, who much to the chagrin of their children and certain gossips of their small community of Holt, Colorado, decide to fill their empty days and lonely nights with the company of each other.

Addie and Louis, both in their 70's, have lived most of their lives in the small community of Holt, Colorado. They've raised children, fulfilled dutiful marriages, and endured the deaths of their spouses.  They knew each other from afar, and had known the others' spouse. But why does life have to come to a stand still now? Is it just because that's what is expected of them? One day Addie has an idea... and Louis gives it a try... why not spend our nights together? She misses sleeping with someone, and NOT for sex. Just the comfort of someone close during the loneliness hours of the day. She misses talking while going to sleep. She misses companionship. BUT, out of jealously, suspicion and probably fear, the people around them see things a little different. So, while Louis walks over to Addie's with his paper bag filled with his pajamas and toothbrush, tongues begin to wag...

This story was perfect. At a sparse 179 pages, there was no wasting of words, just the perfect amount to bring a well of emotions off the page. I was rooting for them! I wanted them to find the happiness that had eluded them all their lives! I wanted them to laugh at convention in the face. Oh, how I hated Addie's son! How cruel he was without thinking of her happiness! How both Addie and Louis deal with acceptance, love, affection, family and just being old made this a wonderful read. Don't miss this one! 5 stars from me!


thecuecard said...

Sounds like a great story. I must get to this one. Finding happiness later in life -- who can resist that premise?!

Suzanne Yester said...

And Susan, it really is very poignant. Good quick read too!

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