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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Fond Farewell to My Reading Buddy

There's a saying that "Every DogHas It's Day". BJ was my best friend, my constant companion and yes, reading buddy and he had many such days. His personality was infectious, his smile broad, and you just couldn't help but want to be near him. I was the lucky one though, because he shared all of that with me. We ran agility courses, until an ACL surgery prevented that; we swam together, until he fell in one day and got spooked; we went hiking, until a laryngectomy last year made it harder for him to breathe when he exerted himself. He lead a quiet life the last year...

Life has been crazy for me the last many months too. Trying to get through a divorce, figuring out where life was going to take me next at that grand ole age of 50, and spending some time down South with some new friends and planning an eventual move down there. Having BJ near me helped me get through a lot of that. Days and nights, where I was cleaning and packing had BJ lying down near me. He was happy just to be near me, while I had to do all this other "stuff", and I felt comforted by his presence even though I had so much else to do.

The last month saw BJ struggling to get up and down the stairs; needing to get up in the middle of the night to go out, sometimes more than once; Sometimes he couldn't hold it at all... Sometimes it was frustrating for both of us, but we loved each other unconditionally. He was the bread and I was the butter...

This past weekend was the worst of all... With a high fever and sudden weakness, and very sick, we found out he had a mass on his spleen... I lost my best friend and my constant companion of 13 years. At a few months old, when he walked into the house for the very first time, not only did he take over the run of the place, but he stole my heart too. He held onto my heart for a very long time and with a few gentle licks of my face he placed it back where he found it and gave me his to keep.

Give your furry best friend a hug from us today. Read to them, not because they can understand the words, but because they will enjoy the warmth of your voice and the time you spend with them. Be thankful for the time you have with them because it really is shorter than you think.

Get to know BJ a little better by visiting BookHounds, where BJ was interviewed in 2009! He had a blast answering those questions!
And he had a great life and made my life great too!

Happy reading... Suzanne

P.S. As you can see BJ was an avid reader himself!

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