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Friday, June 18, 2010

Alison Dare Blog Tour

She's Your Favorite Adventurer... or at least She Will Be!

Alison Dare: Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in fabulous, graphic adventures. Alison Dare is not your typical twelve-year-old. She's the daughter of an archaeologist & adventurer and the masked hero known as the Blue Scarab. To top it off, she's also the niece of an international super-spy; it's no surprise that a craving for danger is in her blood! Unfortunately, her parents have locked her away at the prestigious St. Joan's Academy for Girls, hoping that this would lead to a more "normal" life for their daughter. But despite all the strict rules at the school, Alison and her best pals - Wendy and Dot - somehow manage to find themselves involved in adventures that rival those of Alison's globetrotting, planet-saving relatives. Whether it's magic genies, super-powered bank robbers, or a dastardly baron bent on world domination, Alison Dare delivers the best thrills since Indiana Jones and more action than Lara Croft!

Alison Dare is feisty, fun and full of adventure! These graphic novels, Alison Dare The Heart of the Maiden & Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures, follow Alison as she turns boredom into amazing adventures. She fights angry mummies, perilous sandstorms and other unscrupulous villains! It's kid friendly, and adult enjoyable! Alison Dare should appeal to a wide variety of readers, from pre-teens to adults! The artwork is great! (Reminds me of the Archie comics I use to read as a young girl) And the story lines are so much fun with a good dose of suspense thrown in! There is plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor that the adults will love, such as when the Blue Scarab fights the evil "King" Memphis, who looks a little like another King from Memphis, and who proclaims "I'm all shook up and quivering in my blue-suede sandals"! Alison Dare's adventures seem to turn into "misadventures" for the most part, like when she unleashes a plague of locusts by accident, but she has two of her best side kicks with her, her BFF's, her best friends Wendy and Dot, who help her save the day so they can all be normal 12 year olds again in the end.

The Alison Dare graphic novels are published by Tundra Books, and are written by J.Torres, a Shuster Award-winning, Eisner Award-nominated writer, AND illustrated by J.Bone, an Eisner Award-nominated illustrator. Alison Dare was nominated for the Eisner Award in the Best Title for a Younger Audience category too! I love Alison Dare! These graphic novels are great! They are about 100 pages each, filled with more than one adventure that flow together nicely, and It's also nice to see a little girl power!

*But her adventures don't stop there! Tundra Books is asking for YOUR help in sending Alison Dare on more adventures! If you go to Tundra Books, you will see a couple of images of Alison Dare. What Tundra Books would like is for you to print out the images of Alison Dare, cut them out and then take her on an adventure! Photograph Alison in front of a famous landmark, exotic location, or in the face of danger! Send your photo of Alison Dare with a caption to before June 30th, 2010 to be entered to win a special Alison Dare prize package! There will be 3 lucky winners! Go to Tundra Books for all the details and examples of photos! I Double-Dog Dare You!... And in the meantime, I caught Alison Dare on an adventure here in Connecticut...

Alison Dare spots something as she walks through the forest of contemplation...
she quietly sneaks up...

It's none other than the Giant Evil Matted Hare!
She now knows she must scale the Cliffs of Lettuce to get to him...

Aha! She has surprised him! She is ready though for... ADVENTURE!

I want to thank Sylvia of Tundra Books for inviting me along for the Alison Dare Blog Tour! And sending me the Alison Dare graphic novels to review! Alison Dare sure has spunk and I like that in a girl! I hope she goes on many more adventures because I want to tag along!


carla said...

I have not read any graphic novels yet but this inspires me to give them a try soon.
I love the strong girl character!
The contest sounds fun too.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Carla!
Well, I signed up for the Graphic Novel reading challenge this year so I've started reading more graphic novels. This is a great series and I would definitely say this is a good starting spot! Thanks for saying stopping by!

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