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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron... A Review

Sometimes you just need a "feel good" book. A story that just warms your heart and that you can casually read without too much effort. The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron is such a book. And if you are a dog lover, this book is a hands down winner and something you should be buying right now!

A geeky, but hunky guy finds himself stuck with a pregnant dog, and eventually 5 puppies. He's never had a dog before, let alone a pregnant one, and tries his best to get out of the situation, but is such a nice guy that he resolves himself to temporarily "helping" out, until finally he is totally in love with the dog, the puppies and the girl from the animal shelter that he turned to for help.

A little romance, a warm your heart story, a little heart break and a whole lot of fur, makes this a must read for every dog lover I know. It is a sweet story that will make you smile, and if you enjoy "dog stories" you will enjoy this. It's a small book, perfect as a stocking stuffer or gift, and under 240 pages. I read it in a few days and loved it! It was chosen as my reading groups Holiday read and everyone that I've talked to has enjoyed it too!

5 stars from this animal lover! 

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