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Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 Chick with Books Bingo Card!

Ready for a little reading fun?! Here's this years Chick with Books Book Bingo Card! The challenge is in trying to fill the whole card up! Can you do it?! Let's have some fun and try! Print this page, and start filling in your books! Come back here and share what books you read for what square! Share what books would be a good choice for squares too! Good luck!

2017 Chick with Books Bingo!
Historical FictionRead a short storyA Banned BookGo to an author event or read a book by a local authorWith a Bookstore or Book as part of the story
A TranslationNonfictionA Graphic NovelPublished in 2016Science fiction or fantasy
Longer than 400 pagesSet in another CountryCHICK WITH BOOKS BINGO!
(free square)
Biography or MemoirAn Audiobook
Watch a Movie based on a BookWith a number in the titleRomance or Love StoryRevolves around a HolidayBy an author who shares the first name of someone in the reading group
With a blue coverOn the Best Seller list in 2017Get a Library Card or Take a Book out of the LibraryA Prize winnerCozy Mystery

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