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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies," said Jojen. "The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Lines...

"The scream that pierced the dull yellow November sky was preternaturally high-pitched. Its sounds carried effortlessly, echoing through a neighborhood of Queen Anne Victorians into the barren woods beyond, fading only as it descended toward the Hudson River. Those who heard the sound mistook it for that of an animal - perhaps the call of a screech owl, maybe the shrill cry of a loon. No one believed it to be human."

....In The Shadow of Gotham by Stefanie Pintoff


Darlene said...

Those are some dandy first lines!

Suzanne Yester said...

I know! I usually flip through a book and read a section before buying... I think we should all just read the first paragraph and see if it clicks, because the author is always going to want to give a great opening!

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