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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kindle Korner... Let There Be Light (at least on the page I'm reading!)

Let There Be Light...

Kindle and Nook owners... Let there be light! If you're looking for the perfect eReader light, look no further. The Solis eReader light by Octovo is my favorite light, and they just came out with the Solis for the latest generation of Kindles! With an arm that swings the light out,the coverage is remarkable from the top of the page to the bottom and with virtually no glare. (Check out the Solis eReader on the Octovo website to see for yourself). Plus, the light is a single LED so Octovo says the Solis "can be expected to light your Kindle pages for up to 40 years" (I don't think they're referring to the battery life here, just the life of the LED). The base of the light rests on top of your Kindle at a slight angle, which helps to eliminate glare on the reading page. Now, the Solis lights for the Kindle 2's fit snugly on the top of the Kindle, and I haven't gotten to actually try the new Solis lights yet, so I'm not sure how snug they are as the description on the website says "rests on top". But I did order one and will let you know when I finally get to read in the dark with it! Also, the base of the Solis for the latest generation Kindles is dark to match the graphite color of the new graphite Kindles. If you have the "classic" Kindle color (white) you'll have to settle for the same one because Octovo only made the new Solis lights with a dark base. I emailed Octovo today to ask about if they would be coming out with a Solis eReader light to match the "classic" Kindle color of white for the new Kindles, and was told that there are no plans to produce them right now.

Solis eReader lights for the Kindle 2 are made to match the "classic" color though. And Nook owners, you are not left out because the Solis eReader is available for Nooks now too! The Solis eReader light retails for $29.99 for either the Kindle versions or the Nook version. Oh, and the original Solis eReader light for the Kindle 2 operated on 2 AA batteries. I'm assuming that the new Solis eReader for the Kindle 3 and the Nook also need 2 AA batteries, although the website doesn't say.

There are plenty of eReader lights available at all different prices. In a previous Kindle Korner post, I talked about the Kandle eReader light for Kindle (now available in black for $25 or white for $21.50), which clips on the top of the Kindle and is a nice choice, and the Mighty Bright Lights, which are your basic "goose neck" eReader lights that also clip on any eReader and sell for about $15.oo. Click on the Kindle Korner link above to check out the previous reviews!

Do you read in the dark? Which eReader light are you using? Do you find the coverage to be adequate? Share what you're doing for your "after hour" reading!


Pam said...

Nice! I'm still using my bedside lamp, mostly. I have that stupid, daddy's girl superstition about need "enough" light to read by. Ah, someday I'll go to lower light, I'm sure. :O)

Sharon said...

How cool! I need that for my Kindle!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Suzanne...this one looks great. I bought the Kandle for my Kindle and it works great as well. I really prefer reading indoors on the iPad is the best.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Pam!
Oh I have a reading lamp too, but it just seems I sit myself down in dark corners when I want to read sometimes. :-) Definitely NOT superstitious to read by proper light!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Sharon!
This is such a nice looking light too! Unfortunately my new Kindle is NOT the graphite colored one, so I'll have a piece of black plastic attached to the top of my nice white Kindle, but at least I'll have good light!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Diane!
Yes, I like the Kandle too! and I love my iPad, but it's funny I don't read as much as I thought I would on it. But no "flashlight" necessary to read under the covers with the iPad! Love reading in bed! Thanks for stopping by!

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