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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kindle Korner... You Light Up My Life (or at least my Kindle)

Kandle for Kindle

There's a new gadget for our Kindles, and it's designed to light up our lives... or at least our Kindle reading page. It's the Kandle, and it's a LED light with a wide grip that fits securely on the top of your Kindle (this also works on other eReaders). This wider design is suppose to help secure the light on your Kindle and NOT block the page your reading. And it does it nicely. The light is also on a pivoting arm that allows you to adjust your light to illuminate in different positions. Here are some of the highlights from the Amazon page:

*New patent-pending WideLipTM grip that does not block the screen on the KindleTM, Sony® Reader and other eBook readers.

*Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination.

*WideLipTM grip also works perfectly on books without blocking text on the page.

*Powered by two lifetime X2 LEDs optimized to distribute uniform light without creating glare or eyestrain.

*Works perfectly as a stable, free-standing night light

All in all the Kandle is a cute little light that works pretty well. It's nice to be able to attach it to the top of theKindle and not have the page blocked. And because of the wide grip it's very secure. Before the Kandle, when reading in a low light situation, I'd use my Mighty Bright Light, which I attach to either to my Kindle cover or on the side of my Kindle (*see photo's below). The illumination of the Kandle is nice, but I did find that towards the bottom of the Kindle page that the illumination was not very strong - still readable though. The Kandle folds up into itself and is nice and portable. The LED light is protected when it's folded up too, so you can literally throw it in a pocket and not worry. The Kandle comes with a battery already installed AND 2 extra batteries too! Made by Ozeri and available through, the Kandle can be used not only for your eReaders, but regular books and can even be used for a nightlight. It's available in white or now in black for a discounted price of $25. If you're looking for a reading light for your Kindle, the Kandle is a nice choice. Don't forget about the Mighty Bright XtraFlex Clip on Light (Kindle Version) which has been a favorite among Kindle readers for some time! (It sells for $19.99)

Are you using a reading light that attaches somehow to your eReader? Which one? Share what you like and don't like about your reading light and enlighten us!

*Here are those examples of how to attach the Mighty Bright Clip on Light to your Kindle...


Esme said...

I have a friend that just got another kindle-his little light is cute.

Suzanne Yester said...

Oh another Kindle! Lucky person! And these cute little lights just make reading in the dark fun again! :D

BurtonReview said...

I have this exact light for late night reading.. it is EXTREMELY bright.
I don't have a kindle though.

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