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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love Between the Covers...A Movie Review!

Just back from seeing Love Between the Covers and absolutely loved it! Very inspiring and entertaining! Yes, I knew that Romance novels were popular, but not that popular. And as someone in the movie stated, it's an industry developed for women BY women. Why wouldn't it be popular! I think filmmaker Laurie Kahn captured the essence of this industry in this wonderful documentary, which featured 6 women on their journey (5 published and 1 on her way to being published) and many wonderful interviews with today's most popular romance authors.

I have to admit that it took me years to read that first romance novel. A friend of mine lent me The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy (and I guess some would not even consider that to be a romance). That 700 plus page ROMANCE novel was on my nightstand for a LONG time before I felt obligated to at least flip it open and make an attempt to read it. OMG! What a great book! Yes, intelligent woman (although following her heart cost her a LOT!), hunky guy, great storyline and great writing! Hmmm, maybe I should take another look at those romance novels. Hmmm, maybe I should get a book cover....

Yes, that was the first romance novel I read, but it was not the last. I love romance novels now. (Give me a guy in kilts and I'm all over it!) Romance novels are not my primary genre of reading, but after seeing Love Between the Covers I want it to be! What awesome authors! I loved seeing the camaraderie between the ladies (I did not see any men in the fray) and how they genuinely wanted to help one another. The encouraging phrase, "There's room for you too!" coming from the sidelines for anyone who wanted to break into the romance industry.

Some of the things I "learned" about in the movie... 

  • There was/is a lack of African American romance novels. Author Beverly Jenkins shared this while filming... "I read everything. I read science fiction. I read fantasy, westerns, you know, Zane Grey, everything, and I also read romance. But there was nothing for somebody who looked like me." I never thought about it before, maybe because I never had to think about it before, but thanks to wonderful writers like Beverly that void is being filled.
  • Some of those romance covers are an actual photo shoot with models in period wear. It makes sense, but with the wonders of computers, who knew they actually did it the old fashioned way. I loved seeing them set up the shots. (especially since photography is a love of mine and use to be a profession way back when) How do they make those "painted" covers, like the old Fabio romance covers? 
  • Self publishing is very much accepted, but to make it "big" is much easier with a publishing house behind you. Also with a publishing house comes an editor, which some authors would not want to do without. Which brings to mind- does an editor make a good book better?
  • Romance Writer Conferences are fun!
 I also came away with the NEED to read some romance by some new authors (really just new to me)... Here's who's on my reading list now...

Beverly Jenkins (and I want to read her novel Indigo first!)
Elizabeth Essex (Scandal in the Night on my TBR list)
Joanne Lockyer (her first novel , The Last Light of Dusk, is in my Kindle as we speak! And was at a bargain price of under $4!)
Susan Donovan ( Her novel, Unbound, written along with Celeste Bradley on my TBR list)
Eloisa James (Who's real name is Mary Bly, and had to keep her real name hidden due to the fact that she was a Shakespeare professor and wanted tenure. I'm eyeing 2 of her books: A Kiss at Midnight and Seduced by a Pirate).

Okay, I've got plenty of romance to keep me busy and look forward to sharing my thoughts on these novels at a later date! They all sound delicious! In addition to these authors, I also met a few local romance authors, all members of Romance Writers of Southern Connecticut and Lower New York (CoLoNY), that helped bring the Connecticut premier of Love Between the Covers to my local theater, The Palace Danbury. But we'll talk about those ladies in another post...

What did I ultimately think about the movie?!  Two thumbs up! A fun movie for anyone who is thinking about wanting to put pen to paper, who loves reading romance novels or is just interested in the book publishing industry! Go to Love Under the Covers to find out where YOU can see the movie! 


Joy Weese Moll said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. I went to RWA years ago when it was in St. Louis. Such an energetic atmosphere! So many women that the conference hotel turned most of the men's restrooms into women's rooms for the duration.

Suzanne Yester said...

I love it, Joy! And it seemed from the movie that the RWA conference was just so much fun! Lucky that you have attended one!

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