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Monday, December 28, 2015

Chick with Books "Book Bingo 2016" Challenge

Chick with Books Book Bingo 2016!

Want to play along?! For my reading group, I made this Bingo card with each square representing a different book and I thought "Hey, maybe some Chick with Books followers might like to play along too!" So, here's the Bingo card for YOU too!   

                              Chick with Books Book Bingo 2016 
A Newbery or Caldecott Winner
(Mr. Wuffles)

Longer than 500 Pages
Published in 2015
Farlaine the Goblin

With a Blue Cover 

************* (River Road)
Historical Fiction
The Edge of Time
A Booker Prize Winner (or made the short list)
The Drivers Seat
Set in a Place you’d like to visit
Currently on the Best Seller List
The Nest
Graphic Novel
(Sunstone Vol.1)
Poetry or Short Story Collection
American Housewife
With a Red Cover
The Girl in The Red Coat
Chick with Books Bingo!
Romance or Love Story
************ (Our Souls at Night)
By An Author That Shares your first Name
With a Number in the Title
Has Water on the Cover
Eternal on the Water
A Western
Something from your TBR Pile
Biography or Memoir
A Banned Book
Food as the Theme
(Beat, Slay, Love)
(A Girl on the Shore)
Listen to an audiobook

 The rules are simple… 

1. Be adventurous! This is for fun! Enjoy finding books you want to read that fit in the squares!

2. The Challenge runs from January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

3. If you want to participate, you can join anytime! If you're a blogger, feel free to write a blog post with the "rules" and link back to me. You can just sign up below by leaving a comment telling me your ready for some adventurous reading and come back and share your progress.

4. It's one book for each square! If you read a book that fits more than one square, you can only use it for one square. And once you check a square off, it's checked off for good. (Remember, it's all about reading the books). Feel free to print the Bingo card to help you keep track OR email me for a large PDF of this Bingo card! 

5. The middle square is a freebie! No need to read a book for that one!

6. Every 3 months, I'll post an update here where you can share your progress, what books you read for which squares and if you got any Bingos! I'll post the updates, April 1st, July 1st, Oct. 1st, and Dec. 31st. 

7. Remember it's not really a competition, but let's see who can get the most Bingo's! 
Now…Ways to be REALLY adventurous…

*The 5K Bingo… That's your first Bingo, 5 in a row! How awesome is that! And you can just keep getting Bingo rows to add up those Bingos! Remember a Bingo row is 5 squares in a row. 

*The Double Barrel Shotgun Bingo… That's 2 Rows going the same direction! 

*The Double Cross Bingo… X That's X'ing out the Bingo Card with the 2 diagonals! 

*Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Bingo… ◊ That's getting the 8 squares checked off that form a diamond.
*Diamond Earrings Bingo… ◊◊ That's 2 small diamonds (made up of 4 squares each) that touch each other. So that would be 7 squares . You can also lose an earring for a Lost an Earring Bingo made up of just one small diamond of 4 squares.  

*Around the World Bingo… That's getting all the boxes around the perimeter, like a square! That's 16 Squares!

*25 Shades of Black Bingo… That's the WHOLE Bingo Card! What an accomplishment! You must read ALL THE TIME!

Up for the adventure? I sure am! I have enjoyed Book Bingo in the past and look forward to it this year with all of you! Let's see how many Bingo's we can get, if we can get any of the fancy Bingo's above, and what books we read to fit theses Bingo squares!

Good Luck! Leave a comment below to join in!      

**UPDATE: I've filled in 9 Bingo Squares, With a Blue Cover and Romance or Love Story! AND Graphic Novel! And Manga! Nonfiction, Newbery or Caldecott Winner or Honor Winner, With Food as a Theme, and A Poetry or Short Story Collection. AND, Book with a Red Cover! How are YOU doing??


Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

Fun! Do you have a printable version of the bingo card by any chance? My printer doesn't seem to want to print the one that's posted. If not, that's ok. I can recreate it. Just thought I'd check!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi The Intrepic Angeleno! I can email you a PDF of the bingo card… you can either leave your email here or email me direct at and I'll send along an email back to you with the card.

This is going to be fun! Thanks for joining in!

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