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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kindle Korner... Kindle goes International, Chick with Books is on Kindle Now!, and some Great Kindle Book Bargains!

The Kindle Leaves U.S. for a European Vacation...
Like Reading this Blog? It's Kindle Ready!
And a few great bargains in the Kindle Store....

The Day we've allbeen waiting for happens this coming Monday Oct. 19th... Kindle goes International with the release of the Kindle 2 U.S. and International Wireless version! This new version for our international friends is priced at $279. With the Kindle 2 (non-international version) price lowering to $259 from it's original $299! What does all this mean for you? It means that all of us traveling abroad can take our Kindle with us and have the ability to download books ! U.S. Kindle owners with the new Kindle 2 international traveling abroad will have to pay a $1.99 fee to download books wirelessly and pay a $4.99 weekly fee for subscriptions to periodical, blogs etc., but there is no fee for downloading books via your computer and then transferring to your Kindle with the USB. Amazon has a page devoted to information related to traveling with your Kindle HERE. Would you like to see if there's coverage where you live? Here's a link to Amazon's coverage map . So, have you still been waiting to buy that Kindle? I'd like to know if you live in the U.S. if you're going to buy the Kindle 2 International? If you travel outside the U.S. then the Kindle international version is a definite choice, but what if... What if you're swept off your feet to Paris, or Madrid, or Florence and you don't have an international version Kindle 2? What are you going to do then?! Let me know...

Now a little Kindle news from home... Chick with Books is Kindle Ready! That's right, you can now subscribe to my blog thru Amazon and read it on your Kindle! With a few tweaks, and lot's of encouragement, I officially launched it Sept. 13th! With the official announcement by Len Edgerly on his Oct. 2nd podcast of The Kindle Chronicles. What's nice about having the blog on Kindle is each post is listed as an article, and you can scroll thru the list of articles to find the Sunday Salon book recommendations, a particular review, or any other post you'll like to find easily. If you take your Kindle with you, like my husband does when I drag him to the bookstore, you have all those book recommendations at the click of a button. If you see something you'd like to remember while reading the blog on the Kindle, you can click on my "Kindle Ready" link and you're able to add the book to your wishlist. It would be great to have a link right to the first chapter, but you have to actually go into the Kindle store to be able to do that. After subscribing you'll automatically get an archive of the previous months posts too. PLUS, the first 2 weeks of your subscription is FREE! SO, let me know what you think! Subscribe for the 2 weeks for free and try it out! It's easy to subscribe! (It's also easy to cancel, but would love it if you like it enough to keep!) Right now it's priced at $1.99 a month, but you won't be charged until after the 2 week trial period ends... Here's the LINK! And if you do subscribe, let me know what you like and don't like about the blog on Kindle!

Now, some great Kindle bargains...

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry... For all of you that enjoyed the Da Vinci Code comes Steve Berry's take on ancient religious secrets. Ex-U.S. Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is intrigued when he sees a purse snatcher fling himself from a Copenhagen tower to avoid capture, slitting his own throat on the way down for good measure. Further snooping introduces him to the medieval religious order of the Knights Templar and the fervid subculture searching for the Great Devise, an ancient Templar archive that supposedly disproves the Resurrection and demolishes traditional Christian dogma. The trail leads to a French village replete with arcane clues to the archive's whereabouts, and to an oddball cast of scholar-sleuths, including Cassiopeia Vitt, a rich Muslim woman whose special-ops chops rival Malone's. The Templar Legacy is Free until Dec. 1st! Here is the Kindle Ready Link.

The Keeper by Sarah Langan... A little Horror for the month of Halloween! Some believe Bedford, Maine, is cursed. Its bloody past, endless rain, and the decay of its downtown portend a hopeless future. With the death of its paper mill, Bedford's unemployed residents soon find themselves with far toomuch time to dwell on thoughts of Susan Marley. Once the local beauty, she's now the local whore. Silently prowling the muddy streets, she watches eerily from the shadows, waiting for . . . something. And haunting the sleep of everyone in town with monstrous visions of violence and horror. Those who are able will leave Bedford before the darkness fully ascends. But those who are trapped here—from Susan Marley's long-suffering mother and younger sister to her guilt-ridden, alcoholic ex-lover to the destitute and faithless with nowhere else to go—will soon know the fullest and most terrible meaning of nightmare. The Keeper is Free right now! Here is the Kindle Ready link!

The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields... This book is a favorite Book Group Read! In 1995 The Stone Diaries won the Pulitzer Prize. This fictionalized autobiography of Daisy Goodwill Flett is a subtle but affecting portrait of an everywoman reflecting on an unconventional life. What transforms this seemingly ordinary tale is the richness of Daisy's vividly described inner life—from her earliest memories of her adoptive mother to her awareness of impending death. The problem that Carol Shields addresses in The Stone Diaries: how do small lives, the kind most women were once assumed to lead, assume significance and coherence? How closely do our versions of those lives correspond to objective facts? Can facts be said to exist at all in the context of something as changeable and arbitrary as a life? To what extent do "our" stories really belong to us, considering the tendency that other people - parents, spouses, children - have to intrude in them, interpret them, claim them? This book is a bargain at $3.74! Here is the Kindle Ready link!

And last but not least, a free pre-order at the Kindle Store...

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson... The world is changing—the government has seized control of almost everything and kids are disappeari
ng. For 15 year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside-down when they are hauled out of bed one night, separated from their parents, and thrown into a secret compound for no reason they can comprehend, except that the new government is clearly trying to suppress Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Imprisoned together in a decrepit cell, Wisty and Whit cling to the only things they have left—a blank book, a drum stick, and each other. While searching for ways to escape, both begin exhibiting strange abilities. Maybe there is a reason they were singled out! Can Wisty and Whit, a witch and a wizard, master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents—and maybe the world? From James Patterson, the creator of the bestselling Maximum Ride and Daniel X novels, comes WITCH & WIZARD, his most terrifying and awe-inspiring series yet. This is book 1 of the new series. Amazon is calling this a free preview, but from what I can find on the internet this will be the full book. The Book comes out October 26th, so download your free copy now while you still can! Here is the Kindle Ready link.

Hope you find something interesting here! If you've found any other great Kindle bargains, please share them here! And if you've read any of this Kindle Korners recommendations, share what you thought!

Happy reading...


La Coccinelle said...

*sob* Oh, the torture.


A wistful, Kindle-less Canadian

Suzanne Yester said...

I hope that Amazon works out whatever issues is holding it back from a Canadian market! In the meantime, I love my Sony touch too! :D

Stormi said...

Is a kindle worth the money it cost? I would like to have one but I just don't know if I could dish out the money it cost and then not like it.

Harvee said...

I worry that I'd buy the Kindle and then not use it, not even while traveling. I like the look and feel of books, still.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Ladystorm & Book Bird Dog!
It's funny, I do love the feel of the book in my hands and enjoy turning the pages, but after getting the Kindle I also appreciate the convenience of just having a thin piece of plastic to carry around with me. It's so nice to be able to curl up in bed and press the little button to turn those pages. I think I read faster with the Kindle too, because I'm concentrating on the words I'm reading and not the physical book. But my hubby is the biggest Kindle and eReader fan! He wasn't really a big reader until we bought the Kindles... now he's reading almost as much as I do. And if he can't get it for the Kindle or Sony eReader (we bought one of those too) he doesn't read it! Here's a few links to some discussion on my blog about the Kindle...

Read through the comments, which are interesting. With the price of the Kindle coming down, it's getting to be a better value. But the Sony eReader is another alternative that is also nice. I prefer the ergonomics of the KIndle, but the Sony Pocket edition is a nice choice and a little cheaper. But where as Kindle keeps most of their new books at $9.99, Sony prices seems a bit higher..

Is it worth it? It's a nice alternative to have. And Amazon has a 30 day return policy if you don't like it.

BurtonReview said...

I love my bookshelves, they are a nice decoration to an otherwise empty hallway. I live ont he computer, or the iPhone, and adding one more electronic device to my life would burn my eyes out. But congrats and good luck on your Blog on Kindle! how amazing is THAT?!
I would never have guessed that a blog could go kindle in the first place.

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