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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is Bigger Better??

Have I got your attention??! Nothing racy here, just want to know what you think of the NEW Kindle DX! Yup, has just announced another Kindle. Now if you're not familiar with the Kindle it's the eReader (electronic reading device) that operates on 3G technology- that is you can download books wirelessly using the same technology as your cell phone. At the press of a button you can purchase books, magazines & newspapers.

Now I recently purchased a Kindle 2 ( the updated version of the original Kindle) and still have mixed feeling about not having the actual paper book to read. The nice thing about the kindle is that it is so small & slim. About the size of your average trade paperback & as slim as a CD jewel case. Very easy to take with you where ever you go! The new Kindle DX is like the supersized version of the Kindle 2 with a 10.4 x 7 inch screen (the Kindle 2 is a mere 8 x 5 inch screen). It has auto rotation, so if you turn the kindle horizontally the display will adjust. It has a built in PDF reader and you can store up to 3500 books!

But let's think for a second... one of the things I like about my Kindle is the size. I like being able to put it in my handbag. It's easy to carry around too. And text size isn't a problem on the "small" version because you can adjust the size larger if you need to. I guess auto rotation is kinda cool- but realistically after playing with this feature for a few hours I don't think I really need it. WOW, 3500 books though! Of course my Kindle 2 can store 1500 books and my TBR list is almost as long as that so do I really need room for 2000 MORE books?! The only new feature that I would really like is the PDF reader. Sometimes when I send a book in PDF form to my Kindle it doesn't really reproduce it well- words run into eachother, paragraphs are nonexistent. (But thankfully most of my ARC's are in actual book form!)

So, do you think bigger is better? What do you think about eReaders period? Good, Bad, Don't take my books away? Is there any feature you wish the Kindle had? Are you going to run out and get this? (actually it's a preorder at this point) Here's the link to my original post about the Kindle 2 if you'd like to learn more about the original: Kindle 2 And in the meantime I think I'll be happy with what I have and thankful that they still publish REAL books!


PaulGuy said...

Well I happen to love my Kindle 2 and don't share Suzanne's love of books as objects unto themselves. Or so I thought. Last Friday Suzanne and I went to Borders to snag some "real" books. (Hey, I had a gift card.) I happened across a book on a table. The dust cover looked very cool, nice colors, slick design, I was instantly drawn to look more closely (robotically,just as some marketer had planned). When I picked up the book I realized I had already read it. But I had read it on my Kindle and didn't recognize it when I saw it. I felt as if I had missed out on something, been cheated. Until later that night trying read a book in bed with one hand, struggling with the pages, I wished I had the book on my Kindle. So my moment of weakness and doubt passed. I LOVE kindle.

Okay, Kindle DX. For 99% of what I read on my Kindle 2 I neither need nor desire anything bigger. The size is perfect. However when I'm not reading books my day job as it were is chemistry. And the new Kindle DX would be a much better platform for reading technical papers with all their tables of data and chemical structures. The Kindle 2 can display PDF files, sort of, but the graphical content is lost. I can also see where the DX would be outstanding for College text books. The added display area and ability to go landscape by turning the DX on it's side is perfect for these kinds of texts. Ever see students struggling with all their books in a loaded down backpack? Imagine having them all right there in your Kindle DX.

I'll be honest, a real PDF reader in my current Kindle 2 would be a real nice addition. And if the Kindle is a software based device I should be able to upgrade my Kindle 2 to have it. (Are you listening Mr. Bezos? Hint, Hint).

Either way, Kindle 2 or DX, it's the way of the future and I love it. My iPod for books...and newspapers, and magazines, and PDFs...

Yvette Kelly said...

Charming! I haven't even received mine yet and its already an "older" version.I am going to call my supplier about this 3G technology coz that probably means it would work here in SA.If yes then I want this one rather,And then when I order this one and while I wait they will introduce the one that has voice recognition and your book automatically downloads for free.

Anonymous said...

In our household of three, only one member likes reading electonically, that's the Spaceman, but even he will often buy hard copies of a book he likes, and I think for reasons similar to what Paul described above; that initial attraction of a cover. I think also, in our household there is a kind of reverence for the book, there is a tactile pleasure in holding a book, although I do understand what Paul said about the awakwardness of holding some books, especialy those big bricks of books. E-readers offer portability I guess, but I think I am a bit of luddite and still prefer the old fashioned version of reading, that may change. Surprisingly the teenager prefers the paper version, she said because she finds her eyes sart to feel tired sooner when reading on a screen, so I am wondering if the screens on e-readers are easier to read than a notebook screen. At the moment the only electronic reading we do is on laptops but we were discussing the virtues of purchasing a kindle or similar only the other day, so I for one am finding this an interesting post and discussion, so thanks Suzanne.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Yvette,
I think you did order the Kindle 2 not the original Kindle right? If so the Kindle 2 does have the 3G tech- that's why I thought it would work wirelessly in SA too!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Book pusher,
I think it's so much easier to read with an e-reader than off the computer. For me it's just a matter of comfort- I get a bit tired of sitting in front of the computer reading for a long time (as in a book). I like to be able to read lying down, or curled up on the sofa... I do love the beauty of the actual book though, and this will sound funny, but after I'm done reading a particularly good book- I like to see it sitting on the shelf so I can open it up if I want to and go back thru it a bit... Thanks for joining in on the discussion!

PaulGuy said...

Book pusher, the real technology behind the e-readers is the electronic ink. It reads like a printed page. No back lighting, and sharper print than most paperbacks. The Kindle 2 in particular is small, light, easily held in one hand, and never gets hot like a laptop. Actually putting a laptop on your lap can induce second degree burns. :-)
E-readers are in no way comparable to reading on a computer. As far being a Luddite, I wouldn't worry too much unless you declare you'll only read books hand written by monks.

Yvette Kelly said...

Suzanne I didn't expect an answer so quick.Aren't you supposed to be on your wonderful day trip?Maybe later,hey! Enjoy and I wanna hear all bout it.About the 3G yes I did buy the Kindle 2 but I was thinking that maybe the DX is now going to be compatible for wireless here in SA but no,still not.Do you guys wonder why they call US "the land of opportunity"

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the advice, you have convinced me. The big thing for me was the assumption that an e-reader was like a computer screen, now I know it's not, I will look into acquiring one, the portability alone sounds great. So not a luddite after all, although those manuscripts hand written by monks sound attractive.

Helen said...

I'm old school so I'm still hesitant about getting Kindle 2...but that might change...considering the post I just made in my blog. I do like looking at the book covers and the feel of holding it and turning the pages. And if I do get Kindle 2 and liked one of the books I read, I would most likely buy that book and add it to my collection. This would be an added expense too. Sure, I'm all for convenience but for now...I'll stick with my books.

Suzanne Yester said...

All good points Helen! But would have made your move easier! :D
Seriously though I'm with you - like the feel of holding that book! I'm torn between convenience and beauty.... Thanks for joining in the conversation! And have a safe journey to your new home!

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