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Friday, May 22, 2009

Beowulf on The Beach Reading Challenge

Of course you are!! And this summer Books on the Nightstand is hosting one! Books on the Nightstand is a wonderful podcast & blog hosted by Michael Kindness & Ann Kingman. They work together at Random House, but their podcast and blog are not affiliated with work, but with their long standing friendship and love of books! They don't just review books, they talk about books! And they always have great recommendations! I've talked about Ann & Michael before because Books on the Nightstand is my all time favorite podcast! On a recent podcast Michael talked about a wonderful new book by Jack Murnighan called Beowulf on The Beach: What to Love and What to Skip in Literature's 50 Greatest Hits. He calls it a funny & witty book. And from reviews I've read about the book it seems that Jack Murnighan has an enthusiasm for the classics that will have you wondering why you never grab one and put it in your beach bag! But on to the challenge....

Beowulf on The Beach Reading Challenge
* The reading challenge runs from May 25 - September 7, 2009 (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
* Read at least one book featured in Beowulf on the Beach, though you can, of course, read more.
* Write about your challenge and reading experience (on a blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc.)
* Feel free to use one of the beautiful reading challenge buttons on your blog (challenge buttons)

Visit Books on The Nightstand to learn more about the challenge & get some great reading recommendations while you're there! And BTW, while you're there check out how to win 1 of 5 signed copies of Beowulf on The Beach!


Keri said...

Now that's just an interesting concept... reading Beowulf on the beach. Or it's a surefire way to get sunburned as you fall asleep.

Suzanne Yester said...

I never thought about that! :D ... maybe they should preface the challenge with "reading the classics could be dangerous for your health"...

jackmurnighan said...

hi all. i'm the author, and i promise that Beowulf won't put you to sleep -- it's only 70-odd pages! Now Proust is another story, but i try to help you enjoy that one and 48 others too. there really is a ton to love -- i promise. best, jack (and thanks to bookchick!)

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Jack! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! And sharing your enthusiasm with us! I really am looking forward to reading your book and hope that the Beowulf challenge gets people reading some of those long forgotten books & your take on those classics should definitely help!
Happy reading....

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