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Friday, September 8, 2023

First Line Friday...

"Grace is hot. There's the sun, like boiled breath, on the roof of her car, but it's more than that. This feeling that from nowhere she's been set on fire from the inside out. Between her breasts a line of sweat is tracking a slow, itchy S, and she wants to jam a hand under the neck of her shirt and wipe it away. It's gridlock, though, and she's hemmed in on all sides, and there's the man in the Audi, whose car window is level with hers. He's staring at her like she's the distraction he needs in this. Screw you, she thinks. Screw you, screw you, screw you...."

                                                        ... Amazing Grace Adams by Fran Littlewood

Lots of positive buzz about Fran Littlewood's debut novel, Amazing Grace Adams. Words like "touching", "funny",  "heartbreaking" surround this book. From the publisher: 

"Grace Adams gave birth, blinked, and now suddenly she is forty-five, perimenopausal and stalled—the unhappiest age you can be, according to the Guardian. And today she’s really losing it. Stuck in traffic, she finally has had enough. To the astonishment of everyone, Grace gets out of her car and simply walks away." 

I'm ready to take a walk with Grace. She seems so relatable with honest feelings, disappointments, frustrations. Thanks to the publisher, Henry Holt and Company, I have a review copy of Amazing Grace Adams waiting for me in my eReader and I can't wait to start reading it! Thank you! 

Amazing Grace Adams by Fran Littlewood was just released this week and is available at your favorite bookstore! Stay tuned for my review...

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