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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lucky Penny by Ananth Hirsh, illus. by Yuko Ota... A Review

Lucky Penny by Ananth Hirsh, illus. by Yuko Ota...

Loved this! I only wish it were longer, because I wanted more of Penny...

What'a a girl to do when she loses her job and then her apt in the same day?! Start living in your best friends' storage unit, of course! Penny's a true romantic at heart (or at least she reads romance) and she's not going to give up on life too easily! She meets a great guy, plays some D & D (yup, you read it right), adopts a cat (or does the cat adopt her?) and foils some bad guys. But that's all I'm sayin'... you need to read this sweet romantic comedy all for yourself. It's about dealing with what life throws at you, which can be alot sometimes! Rom-com/Slice of Life. The artwork is great, kinda reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, and Penny herself is a wonderful character, who you can't help but like. All in all a terrific graphic novel aimed at YA's, but I'd say it's for us girls (no matter what our age). Short and sweet, but worth it! Fun, fun, fun!

Published by Oni Press and just released this past March. It originally started as a web comic (you can still read it in that form at Johnny Wander), had a fantastic kickstarter and the rest is history... or at least this published book.

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