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Friday, February 19, 2016

Harper Lee... An unfortunate passing of an important writer

"My book had a universal theme,” she told the Birmingham Post-Herald in 1962. “It’s not a ‘racial’ novel. It portrays an aspect of civilization, not necessarily Southern civilization.”

Today the world has lost Harper Lee at the age of 89... 

Known as the recluse writer who wrote a book called To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960 that changed the world. It has sold over 30 million copies, and is required reading. Most recently, Harper Lee was back in the news with the publication of a new book, a prequel that was dripping with controversy as to its authenticity, Go Set a Watchman. Though the world always wanted more from Harper Lee, it will have to be satisfied with her one crowning achievement - To Kill a Mockingbird. And what an achievement is was! 
Here are some interesting links about Harper Lee and her passing...

Harper Lee's Novel Achievement by Charles Leerhsen,

How Harper Lee's Long-Lost Sequel Was Found by Russel Berman of The

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