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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida… A Review

What can you do if you accidentally become a flesh eating ghoul? After the initial shock of finding out you survived an attack, that you don't like regular food any more and starving yourself isn't an option, you try and figure out how to adapt and live. And that's exactly what our 18 year old protagonist, Ken Kaneki, does in Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 by Sui Ishida.

As in much Manga, this starts out as an innocent crush on a girl, who in reality is one of the monsters and instead of romance our girl wants her next meal. The characters are well developed and distinctive visually (sometimes in Manga the characters all kind of look the same, but not here). The artwork is nice, and the storyline will definitely hold your attention.

This goes deeper than just a horror story. It makes you question the basis of evil, as Kaneki straddles the fine line of having the body of a ghoul, but the soul of a human. Torn between two worlds, Kaneki is a great protagonist, although a reluctant one. Great story line, great artwork and enjoyed it thoroughly. Now I am hooked (that's what a good Manga series does to you!) and am going to read the next 4 books. Book 5 is out in June 2016.

I would recommend this to any Manga reader who enjoys a bit of horror with a touch of humanity.

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