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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon… A Review

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon is wordless and a poignant venture into the nature of friendships. Sara Varon's drawings are simple and very effective, moving me to such sadness at one point…

In Robot Dreams, a dog buys himself a mail-order robot to be his friend. They become best friends, renting movies, making popcorn,  and life is wonderful, until one day dog decide to take them to the beach. After venturing in the water, robot's metal parts are rusted so that he can't move. Night comes and dog has no choice but to leave him behind.  But dog goes to the library and gets a book on robot repair and goes back to the beach, only to find the beach closed and no way to get to his friend. Both friends miss each other, but as the months pass before the beach is open again, robot lies on the beach dreaming of being reunited with his friend, but dog moves on, trying to fill the void left by his best friend with new friends. The ending brought a tear to my eye and was bittersweet, but ultimately this story is about how friendships can change over time.

I Loved this tender story. I also loved the artwork, which in muted colors absolutely conveyed the story without needing words. Written with 8 - 12 year-olds in mind, Robot Dreams has a special place on my shelf.

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