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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scottish Seduction Blog Tour... Author Interviews!

Chick with Books would like to welcomeThe Scottish Seduction Blog Tour! As we all know, Scottish warriors are HOT and  2 great authors are celebrating the release of their new Scottish romances! Margaret Mallory, who I just love and has been a favorite romance writer of mine since her first book, Knight of Desire, and Sue-Ellen Welfonder, who has quite a few Scottish warriors under her belt and who I just discovered as a result of hosting this tour and thoroughly enjoyed reading! These wonderful writers have graciously agreed to visit us today and answer a few questions about their books and their warriors! AND as a special treat, we are having a GIVEAWAY tomorrow for Valentines Day!!!! 

Welcome to Chick with Books Margaret!

CWB: I love all your Scottish warriors! What makes Connor special? 

MM: Thanks! I love them all too.   

MM: Connor is the hope of his clan in terrible times, a self-sacrificing hero who puts duty first. After his father and older brother are killed and his clan, Connor becomes chieftain, a responsibility he never expected and one which weighs heavily upon his shoulders. He is destined to a great chieftain, the kind that the bards tell stories about for generations. What makes him more special is that, while he is determined to succeed and protect his people, he is also humble. He never abuses his power, and he cares for the well-being of even the lowliest members of his clan. Of course, he’s quite handsome as well. No wonder Ilysa adores him.

CWB: You do an amazing amount of research to make your books historically correct. Do you do research for every book, or do you come up with your story plots based on your previous research?

MM: I’m always researching! Before I started this series, I researched Scottish history to find an exciting time period with a lot of ready-made conflict for my stories.  Once I found my time period, I researched Highland clans. They all have interesting histories, but the MacDonalds of Sleat were especially intriguing because members of the chieftain’s family were busy murdering each other around the time of my books. Such a find for a writer! ;) 

Even though I did a lot of research before I started the first book in the series, I’m constantly looking things up while I’m writing. One thing often leads to another, and I’ll come across a legend about a historical character or a ghost story associated with a castle in my book. That’s always fun. 

CWB: What makes Scottish warriors so seductive & fun to write about?

MM: The Highland warrior has a larger-than-life quality that makes him great hero material. To survive in his harsh and violent times, a Highlander had to be exceedingly strong, brave, and resourceful. As a modern woman in today’s world, I may not need—or want—a man who is as forceful and physical as the heroes in my books. But take me to 16th century Scotland in my imagination, and I want that alpha warrior! 

Thank you Margaret for taking the time to share a bit of yourself and your Scottish warrior! Thank you for participating in the Scottish Seduction Blog Tour and letting Chick with Books host a great giveaway that includes a copy of The Chieftan!

Welcome to Chick with Books Sue-Ellen!! 

It’s a pleasure to be here to celebrate Seduction of a Highland Warrior’s Jan. 29th release.  I enjoy meeting readers who are as passionate about Scotland as I am, and I can tell by the questions that this applies here.  So let’s talk about the Highlanders we all love so much!

CWB:  What do you find seductive about Scottish warriors?

SEW:  Aside from their buttery-rich burrs that, in my humble opinion, can be called a verbal orgasm, and also looking away from the kilts that are oh-so-sexy because of what is (or isn’t) beneath them, I believe Highlanders appeal because they are the ultimate Alpha heroes.  Especially medieval Highlanders.  These were big, strong men who were rugged, bold, and absolutely fearless.  They’d face down the devil himself to protect kith and kin, they’d die for honor, and let no man try and take their land.  Hills and glens they loved which such passion even their descendants today feel the soul-deep pull to return.  That yearning burns bright, never diminishing even across centuries and oceans.  Men able to instill and sustain such passion can only have been larger-than-life, legends even more heroic than we can ever pen them.  Let such a man love a woman and the earth shakes.  The very heather catches flame and the Highland mist trembles in awe of his devotion.  As a lover, he’s earthly and everything a woman could desire, sating her so thoroughly she wouldn’t dare dream to even glance at another.  I could go on, but I think you can imagine these were definitely hero-worthy men.

CWB:  What makes Alasdair special?

SEW:  Alasdair is special because he’s waited for Marjory through an entire series.  As a proud clan chieftain, and a MacDonald, he possesses all the qualities noted above.  (The MacDonalds are my personal favorite among all Highland clans and also one to which I have deep ancestral ties.  This connection made Alasdair dear to me on a personal level.)  His love for the land, and the people who look to him for leadership, is boundless.  For nothing in the world would he risk losing his beloved glen or destroying his clan.  Yet to claim Marjory, he must do so.  He’s struggled against his feelings for her, yet when pressed to a wall, he chooses to fight rather than lose the woman he loves.

CWB:  How did Scotland seduce you to become the writer you are today?

SEW:  I loved Scotland before I ever even thought about writing.  My family is Scottish and so I was raised to love and appreciate Scotland and everything my Highland/Hebridean heritage brings with it.  Loving Scotland has always been a strong part of my life and world, and always will be, whether I am writing or not.  I’ve also been visiting Scotland all my life.

Regarding writing, my deep love for Scotland influences the genre I choose to write in.  I believe a story only comes to life when the writer is passionate about her material.  If she isn’t, the words are only ink on the page.  As an example, in recent times there has been worldwide furor over a book I surely don’t need to name.  I might have the writing skills to attempt something in this genre, to jump on the so-called bandwagon.  But if I did so, while the work might be competent, it would lack sparkle.  My heart would not be in the writing because the content doesn’t interest me.  That would show, making the work lackluster.

Yet when I write about Scotland, the place that (literally) runs in my blood and fires the yearning of my heart and soul, making my pulse race and everything in me quicken with excitement, well…  Then you see that passion flow from my heart straight onto the keyboard and into the words.  That is how Scotland influences me.  I’m writing what I love so much and that’s such a blessing.

Thank you so much for having me here today.  It’s always a joy to chat about Highlanders and Scotland.

Highland Blessings!
Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Thank you Sue-Ellen! It was a pleasure having you here at Chick with Books! I appreciate you spending time with us here today AND thank you for also participating in the Scottish Seduction Blog Tour and letting Chick with Books host a great giveaway that includes a copy of Seduction of a Highland Warrior!


Margaret Mallory said...

I remember how thrilled I was by your review of my first book!! Thanks so much for reading & reviewing all of my books from the start. :)

Thank you for having me & the wonderful Sue-Ellen Welfonder here.

By the way, I LOVE your background photo.


Suzanne Yester said...

Thanks Margaret! You are a treasure for us Highlander addicts!

Chick with Books

Kathy Garuti said...

Hi Suzanne, thank you for having Sue-Ellen and Margaret here today. The interview was super. I just stopped in to say hi, please don't enter me in the drawing as I am Sue-Ellen's blog partner.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Suzanne ~ Please accept my apologies for not looking in here yesterday. I was told you
d be hosting me today (Feb. 14th) I feel really bad about not thanking you for doing such a lovely feature on the day it posted.

Please know I really appreciate your time, effort, and warm welcome re hosting us. The feature looks beautiful and I've alerted my readers via my own blog, Tartan Ink. Hopefully they'll look in today. Better late, than never.

Thanks again!

Carol L. said...

A wonderful interview. Alasdair and Connor are bigger then life Highlanders I love reading about.
I am so grateful for all the passion and research these ladies put into their writing. I connect emotionally with all the characters because of it.
I can't wait to read these books. Thank you ladies for all the reading pleasure you have given me with your books.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

AutumnFire said...

What wonderful interviews! Thank you so very much for hosting both these lovely authors. I might have missed this yesterday (Wed.), but I was very glad I took a few minutes during my lunch break today to read the questions with the authors.

Thanks again for hosting them and congratulations to both authors on the release of their new books!

Glittergirl said...

I am in awe of both authors and bloggers. So much time and devotion and job well done. Thanks for sharing a peek of the authors with us.

Lexi said...

Research...yes I can see how that would be fun when what you are researching is full of hunky Highland men, swords, and battles (skirmishes...arguments, whatever you may call them).

Buttery-rich burr...what a lovely way to put it Sue-Ellen!

Margaret Mallory said...

Speaking of research...if any of you want to see photos of places I visited on my trip to Scotland & put in the books, I have a photo album for each of my RETURN OF THE HIGHLANDERS books on the video page of my website, I'm going back in May (lucky me!!) to research my upcoming series & will post photos on Facebook as I travel.

Thanks for the comments! :)


Leah Weller (leahluvsmedieval) said...

Margaret, your pictures are amazing and make me want to just crawl into them.

I'm just stopping by to wave the pom-poms for both Sue-Ellen and Margaret. Both of these books and their characters are firmly in this heart of mine. :)

Kai said...

I love all those pictures you have been sending in the e-newsletters. I especially love the cute pictures of all those cats and dogs. I even forward some of those emails to my friends.

Margaret Mallory said...

Leah, I'm glad you enjoyed my Scotland pics!

Kai, I'm so pleased that you like my e-newsletters & that you share them.



catslady said...

I too want to thank you for a wonderful interview - both books sound fantastic and something I would really enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

These ladies are two of my favorite writers and write my favorite type of books. Medieval Highland tales were the first romances I read and are still my favorites. My Celtic blood may not be as thick asSue-Ellen's, but it calls just the same. The sound of bagpipes tugs at my soul and I am married to my very own kilt wearing hero. I have been looking forward to both of these books.

Z said...

Don't enter me please just wanted to pop in say how much I enjoyed reading both books!

Di said...

interviews like this add so much to my interest in a book!

estetik said...

I started the first book in the series, I’m constantly looking things up while I’m writing. One thing often leads to another.

estetik said...

Nice article written here. I got to know a few more Info. This info is really good.. Thanks

becoming a vet said...

Love this post, and also love Moomin!

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