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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manga Reading Challenge 2011

Manga Challenge 2011

Last year I got my feet wet a little with Manga. The word Manga literally means "humorous pictures", with highly stylized artwork (big eyes, small mouths, wild colorful hair), and stories that range from love, sex, violence and many other emotions. Some Manga have an element of magic, some are more traditional stories, but all are wildly popular in Japan, where almost everyone reads it. Traditional Manga is read from the back of the book to the front, right to left. Sound confusing? Don't worry, once you read your first Manga it all flows very naturally. Check out my post last year on Manga to learn all about its origins, types and how-to's, and in the meantime I'm signing up for this years Manga Reading Challenge! Rhinoa of Rhinoa's Ramblings is hosting again, and the rules are simple... Read 6 Manga's! That's it! Interested?! Here are the details:

Manga Reading Challenge 2011 Rules...

*Sign up at Manga Challenge Blog to participate.

*Read a minimum of 6 Manga.

*Post a link to your review at the Review Post at the Manga Challenge blog.

I was a bit overwhelmed with all the different stories and books out there. But going to the challenge site and reading other people's reviews and suggestions really helped. If you're unfamiliar with Manga, stayed tuned here to see what books I'll be sharing and reviewing! And let me know if you've read any Manga and what your suggestions are!


Vasilly said...

Suzanne, have you ever heard of the series called Emma by Kaoru Mori? A lot of bloggers have read the series and loved it. Good luck.

Marie Cloutier said...

Oh, good luck with your manga challenge! I should join, LOL- I have piles of unread manga!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Vasilly,
Yes, I have been meaning to read Emma. Thanks for the suggestion! And I can't wait to dive in! I really have a nice pile ready and waiting!

Hi Marie!
Well, even if you don't join I'll be keeping my eyes out for the reviews of the Manga you're reading! I've got a nice pile going myself, but this year I'll be reading through it all! :-)

Ann Summerville said...

Thanks for the info. I've seen these a lot and wondered what they were.

Uniflame said...

Oeh!! Do I see a manga challenge!!?? I need to keep this in mind, since I LOVE manga :)

It depends on what kind of genre you like, but I have read a lot of mange in the past. If you want some advise on series, let me know :) I am happy to help :)

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Uniflame!
Yes, Yes! I Would love recommendations! There are just sooo many series and novels to choose from!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Cozy in Texas!
Last year when I decided to read my first Manga and I walked into the Manga aisle at Borders I was shocked to see just how many titles there were! How could there be so many Manga titles and I never picked one up?! Now I'm a bit more comfortable in that aisle! :-)

Glad I could share a little intro to the genre for you!

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