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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Imperfect Enjoyment, a bachelor's memoir... A Review

Ok guys, this one is for yo
u! Of course I laughed quite a bit reading this book myself...

Dewan Gibson's The Imperfect Enjoyment is a romp through the world of a 2o something single guy looking for
love... and finding more than he was looking for.

"When college instructor Dewan Gibson leaves Cleveland for California, he expects to find a world of breast implants, beer and beaches. Instead he enters a secret and ill-fated romance with a Middle Eastern undergraduate. In this vivid and humorous memoir, Gibson describes his attempts to overcome his forbidden love affair by jumping into an office fling gone wrong (Tijuana Mornings), or traveling across the world to Denmark in hopes of meeting "Ms. Booty Mama"."

This is totally "out of the box" for me as far as what I normally read, but when this arrived in my hands and I cracked the spine I found myself enjoying the writing. It's honest, funny and well written. From the girls perspective, I laughed at times asking myself "do guys really think this way?", but Dewan gives us the full story on a bachelor looking for love... but the story is also a glimpse into the frailty of modern relationships too. Dealing with the dating scene, falling in love with someone of a different ethnic background, trying to move on after a heart wrenching breakup.... Dewan tries to show us he's "a player" in The Imperfect Enjoyment, but we get glimpses into his sensitive side, especially when he thinks of Haniyah, his Middle Eastern girlfriend..."when I'm not with her, I'm waiting. I try to break the monotony by slurping 1.5-liter bottles of Carlo Rossi wine or reading magazines at the twenty-four-hour Wal-Mart before buying Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches. I suppose I should prepare a lecture or two so my classes seem less impromptu, but I'd rather think of her..."

Would you like to read a little for yourself? Here are some Sample Chapters! And you can also find out a little more about Dewan at his blog, The Imperfect Blog! And ladies it's a little explicit, but you'll probably laugh!

Thanks to Donald Beyer with Irc Books for sending this book along so I could read & share it! And of course to Dewan W. Gibson for his great writing!


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for taking the time to review my work. I'm glad you were able enjoy it despite the numerous references to big butts, lack of sexual dexterity and so on:) Best of luck to you.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Dewan! Thanks for the opportunity to review and share your work with my readers! Some of my male readers felt a little left out with the dominance of "chick" books, but this was definitely something for them! I enjoyed it! And laughed! And was a bit sad at the end..... Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

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