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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Favorite Books Bracketing... to find your Favorite Book of the Year!

 They bracket all sorts of sports. Why not the sport of book reading? 

Have you bracketed your book reading? I had never and just saw in one of my FB reading groups and found out that this was a thing! I'm jumping right on board because I think it's a fun way to find the best book you've read all year. You pick one book for each month to pit against each other. For example... the first quarter of the year you have a favorite book for January, February and March. Which two books did you like best? Those two books you keep as favorites get put in the next brackets. Then you have to decide which of those two books is your favorite... That is the winner for that quarter of the year! You do this for each 3 month period. Then you choose between those winners to get down to 2 choices. From those 2 choices you pick which one you enjoyed more AND THAT IS YOUR FAVORITE book of the year! Here's an example of how the first quarter would look...

You can download my bracket or create one for yourself (I did mine in Canva) or google book reading brackets and you can find a few out there to download that way. These little rectangles are made this way so you can download your book covers and then using a program like Canva you can put your book covers right over the square. Or you can just put the names of your books in the rectangles and keep track that way. Just another fun bookish thing to do! Happy reading... Suzanne

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