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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Relatively Normal by Whitney Dineen... A Review


Relatively Normal by Whitney Dineen...

Whitney Dineen sure knows how to add fun to her stories and Relatively Normal is a wonderful example. High School sweethearts Sam and Cat have their whole lives planned out, or so Cat thought until Sam breaks her heart. 14 years later the fun begins again, but not how you'd expect. Cat is engaged, bringing her fiancé and his parents home for a true Scottish Thanksgiving. What is a true Scottish Thanksgiving? You have no idea... But hold that thought because things are going to get even crazier... Cat's parents welcome her future in-laws with open arms AND have invited Cat's ex and HIS parents! What?!? Oh yes, and this is where the real fun begins! As the story unfolds, Cat must decide to play it safe or gamble with her heart once again in a scenario that seems all too familiar, and her "good girl" practical self is struggling to not lose the battle.

Relatively Normal is a fun RomCom (translation: romantic comedy), with a quirky cast of characters that will warm your heart. Whitney Dineen is a master with her writing abilities and she proves it with this delight of a tale. The story did not slow down for me at all, kept my attention and made me want to open the book every chance I got. I loved it! A light fun read that any type of reader will surely enjoy. Put this one on your TBR list! I read the eBook, Published by Whitney in 2018.

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