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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Good Dogs Don'e Make it to The South Pole by Hans-Olan Thyvold... A Review

 Good Dogs don't Make it to The South Pole by Hans-Olan Thyvold... and I wish I hadn't, or at least I wish I hadn't read about it in this book. I forced myself to finish this book. In fact, I forced myself to continue reading this book after a 100 pages or so because I wanted so much for it to be a good read. It was totally NOT what I was expecting, which was a bit of humor derived from the protagonist dog telling the story of his life with his Master.

What I did get... Tassen (the dog), takes us from his humble beginnings of his human, Mr. Thorkildsen, bringing him home from the breeder, to Mr. Thorkildsen's death, to his bonding with Mrs. Thorkildsen, who is an ex-librarian, who misses her husband so much that she frequently drowns her sorrow in what Tassen, the dog, calls Dragon water. Part of the bonding between Tassen and Mrs. Thorkildsen revolves around her telling Tassen the story of Roald Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole because the story really is about the dogs that made the trip with him (but didn't make it back) and she feels this is a story they both can enjoy together. Tassen because he's a dog, and Mrs. Thorkildsen because for some unknown reason she has a crush on one of the explorers that made the trip with Amundsen. 

I have to say I did learn alot about that trip to the South Pole. I'm not sure I really needed to read about ALL the various ways Amundsen and his crew killed the dogs along the way... repeatedly. The Amundsen story was written inbetween the story of Mrs. Thorkildsen's life spiraling down after the death of her husband and... well, I won't say any more here in case you really want to torture yourself and read the book yourself. 

And if all that wasn't enough, if you are a dog lover... You will not be happy with the ending.  The ending sucks. Yes I wrote "sucks".

There were bits of humor inbetween everything. Tassen does have some funny observations about humans, but not enough for me to have said I enjoyed reading this book. I also have to say the story itself seemed to be a bit disjointed. 

The book had everything going for it before I read it... Norwegian writer ( I was thinking the writing would be similar to Swedish writer Fredrik Backman), Dog as protagonist (Think "The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein") and a award winning inside flap description (and they say don't judge a book by its' cover). But I am sad to say that it disappointed me on all counts. And having to read about the mistreatment of the animals made it worse... no wait, the ending was worse... 

1 comment:

shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

Sounds more depressing than uplifting, thanks for sharing your thoughts

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