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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sunday Salon... Read Like a Mother!

Happy Mother's Day! To all the Mother's, Grandmother's, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, and girlfriends this day is YOUR day! No matter if you've given birth, as women we are nurturers. We are born with the innate ability to comfort, show empathy, and know when just a smile is needed. So this day is for all the women out there who are mothers and for the women out there that we appreciate even if they aren't our mothers. I'm going to spend today with my Mom, who is an extraordinary woman, giving of herself not just to me, but to the people she helps as a volunteer every day. So, Happy Mother's Day!

Today's Sunday Salon is just a stepping stone for this week. In honor of Mother's Day, I'm having a week of "Read Like a Mother", or books that showcase women in the rolls of mothers, sisters or just simply friends. Fiction (and nonfiction) that showcases women.

So enjoy your day! And come back on Monday for our first "Read Like a Mother" book!


Confuzzled Shannon said...

Sounds like a great Idea!

Suzanne Yester said...

Thanks Shannon! Nice to have a week celebrating women in fiction!

Thank for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Lovely idea - looking forward to seeing what your first post is.

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