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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Peanuts Collection by Nat Gertler... A Review! (and a perfect gift for any Peanut fan!)

It's that time of year again... the time to think about some gorgeous books for Holiday gift giving! If you're a fan of The Peanuts or know someone on your list that is, you are in for a treat! The Peanuts Collection: Treasures from the World's Most Beloved Comic Strip by Nat Gertler is a treasure trove full of Peanut's paraphernalia! It is a BIG beautiful oversize hardcover book which comes in its own slipcase, and is filled with everything and anything a Charlie Brown & Company fan would want...

This fully authorized, one-of-a-kind illustrated book celebrates the 60th anniversary of the world's most beloved comic strip characters. A compendium of rare materials from the Charles M. Schulz Museum and family archives, The Peanuts Collection comes in a sturdy slipcase and features high-quality reproductions of original sketches, comics, and photographs from the world of Peanuts. Removable film cels, stickers, and booklets are included, as well as reproduction prints of Peanuts artwork ready for framing. Written by Peanuts aficionado Nat Gertler, with quotes from Schulz family members and a foreword by daughter Amy Schulz Johnson, the text offers insight into the making of the comic strip and its impact beyond the realms of newspapers and books to film, television, and popular culture. The Peanuts Collection is a must-own keepsake for anyone who loves Snoopy and the gang.

I grew up on The Peanuts. Every year The Great Pumpkin would fail to show up in our home as I was virtually sitting in the pumpkin patch with Linus while glued in front of the tv. A Charlie Brown Christmas was a once a year tradition, and I learned that Charlie Brown would forever trust Lucy to hold that football steady for his kick. This book brings all those memories to life again PLUS! What makes this book so much fun besides all the wonderful full color photos of Peanut paraphernalia and collectibles, are the wonderful pullout items and flip-through booklets! There is a pull out booklet of The Peanuts Pumpkin Carols, a pull out reproduction film cell, and a reproduction of a letter to Charles Schultz from a fan urging integration in the strip. There are cute little reproduction flip open booklets of Snoopy's First Code Book, and a reproduction flip open booklet of Snoopy's Doghouse Cookbook and sample recipe. All in all a feast for the eyes and a great look into history and development of The Peanuts Gang.

Nat Gertler knows his Peanuts. He is the founder and author of, a comprehensive resource for Peanuts collectors and fans. So check out Nat's website, check out The Peanuts Collection Slideshow, and put a check mark next to The Peanuts fan on your Holiday gift list with this book! This is a great gift book! And a fun look back on 60 years of The Peanuts! BTW, did I tell you it's the 60th anniversary of the world's most beloved comic strip? Well, it is!

I want to thank Hachette Book Group for sending a copy of The Peanuts Collection by Nat Gertler my way! It was such a treat!


Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

I 100% agree with you. I also reviewed this book book and as a life long Peanuts fan I can honestly say Nat Gertler has done an awesome job. It's the ultimate collection for Peanuts fans.

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Leslie!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing how much you enjoyed this book too! It's such a fun book!

carla said...

Charlie Brown and the gang were so good! Too bad they aren't around any more except in history.
Love that Snoopy!

Ruby♥ said...

Hi, I've got this lovely book yesterday, I didn't know what to expect but it was a real surprise on every page, it is so much more than a book.

a.summer.twist said...

hello, i have this book, and was wondering if anyone is looking to purchase it? im moving houses so its time to make some space. please contact me here:

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