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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Len Edgerly and The Kindle Chronicles... and my little interview on his podcast!

Len Edgerly and The Kindle Chronicles
...and a link to a little interview I did with Len on his weekly podcast!

If you have a Kindle you should know Len Edgerly! If you're thinking about buying a Kindle this is the man with the answers! Len Edgerly is the mind behind The Kindle Chronicles, a popular weekly podcast covering "All things Kindle". Each friday, The Kindle Chronicles podcast covers current Kindle news, a Tech Tip, an interview, a quote and comments he's received from the Kindle community.... and this past Friday Len interviewed me on my coming out of the closet with my love for the Kindle!

With a warm and engaging manner, Len is a wonderful interviewer. Our podcast interview sounds like two friends chatting together over coffee... And what we talked about was the love of reading and how the Kindle has added a a new dimension to my enjoyment of a good book! We also talked a bit about how the Chick with Books blog came to be and how I've started to integrate the Kindle into the blog. Here's the link to my interview .

A graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, Len has worked as a business journalist, an editor of an energy magazine, and an executive at a natural gas company. AND he has a Masters in Fine Arts in poetry! Of course he has a book on Kindle... A Poet's Progress at Bennington , "a mix of commentary on poets and my own original poems". I enjoyed reading his original poems, and I was particularly touched by his poem The Day Mary Died, about the unfortunate passing of a beloved dog...

Want to learn more about The Kindle Chronicles? Here's THE LINK! Going back to his first podcast July 2008, you can listen to any of any of the 52 podcasts already posted. You can also subscribe to the Kindle Chronicles on iTunes HERE. Len also has his own blog, which covers "all things Len Edgerly" HERE.

Thanks Len for making me feel right at home in the interview chair, and sharing all your knowledge every week on The Kindle Chronicles podcast!


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I heard the interview - great job! I've had my Kindle 2 since late February and love it. Guess what. I found that I read faster too!!

Suzanne Yester said...

Hi Mary,
It's funny isn't it... the reading faster... But I think just concentrating on what you're reading and pressing that button makes it so much easier! Thanks for letting me know you heard the interview! And the compliment on it! Len made it so easy!

Len Edgerly said...

Suzanne, my interview with you was a delight, one of the best I've done all year because of the easy flow of our conversation and your genuine enthusiasm for books, the Kindle, and learning. This post on your blog helped me see how the various pieces of my Internet world relate to each other. Much appreciated. I'm SO glad you used the Kindle Chronicles as your name, which led to my finding you with Google Alerts. And the rest is history... Cheers!

Suzanne Yester said...

Thanks Len for your kind words! And for the wonderful interview! You made it all so easy and fun! I'm glad we found each other! The Kindle Chronicles is a wealth of information that anyone with a Kindle should listen to every week and I'm happy to share that with my readers ( as well as subscribing to on iTunes myself)

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